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      New Product

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      • Safe School Solution

        With science and Internet technology development, new achievements are gradually adopted at School surveillance system, it is big help for student management and powerful protection for personal and property safety over whole school.

      • Hospital solution

        With rapid evolution of network communication technology and continuous improvement of medical technology, to enforce safety awareness and rescuing ability, then create comfortable environment for treatment...

      • Bank Solution

        With the development of financial industry, high technology is widely adopted in different areas, and shows its great benefit.

      • Industrial Park Solution

        With continuous development of the surveillance technology, video surveillance system is widely deployed and the scale is gradually growing.

      • Community Solution

        With the much better life quality now, people more and more concern about external communication, info service, and security and property management for their home.

      • Commercial Complex Solution

        The commercial complex, normally include retail stores, office, hotel, restaurant, apartment, entertainment and so on, is a multi-functional, efficient and integrated urban living and business space.

      • Chain Store Solution

        Chain operation is a good mode for brand promotion and united image, also an effective way to bring down the logistic and warehouse cost, thus enhance the competitive edge.


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      Warm Hint:

      этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

      D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

      Warm Hint:

      The project is under construction...

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